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The Homeophone Engine is a Windows DLL implementing a search API, connected to a database of 200,000 english words, names, and non-english words familiar to Americans. It allows you to retrieve a list of words that sound similar to the one that your user has entered as a search string, giving you control as to how exact the matches must be in the result list of correctly spelled words or names. You can retrieve definitions for words in this list to help your user decide which of the words in the list is most appropriate for them. Proprietary algorithms have been implemented to improve the ranking of the result list, helping you return results that make sense to your users.

An Edit Distance search is available as well, and can search either for words starting with the same letter, or leverage Metaphone3 to search in the set of words starting with the same sound. The WordNet database of word definitions has been added into the Homeophone Engine database to give the programmer the ability to help the user better decide which word they had in mind by meaning.

WordNet 2.1 Copyright 2005 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. May be used without restriction as long as the copyright notice and statements, including the disclaimer, appear on ALL copies of the software, database and documentation.

The Homeophone Engine package includes an MFC sample project which allows you to enter any search word and see the encodings and various types of result lists, including a fully ranked result list with definitions.

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